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Flow wrap packaging is a fast packaging process that helps in cutting down the time taken in packaging the shrink and non-shrink industrial components.

Our flow wrap machines are incorporated with an ultra large & strong feeding plate for heavy industrial products. The machine has the ability to adjust according to the product's size and shape making it a desired product in the gamut of the industrial units. The machine is used in various industries in packaging variety of industrial components like Hollow pin chain, Bearings, Door magnetic catcher and stopper, Locks, etc.

The machine is also used in packaging food like

Hollow Pin Chain

These efficient and hard wearing machines have electro-mechanical drive and are suitable for all types of hollow pin chain packaging. The machine is resistant to friction and can bear heavy loads. It is designed to give maximum packaging frequency in the least amount of time. The hollow pin chain packaging machine is a premiere machine that does not wear out with time.


The Horizontal Flow Bearing Packaging Machine wraps bearings in heat sealable laminates to a pillow pack. The machine offers medium – to high – production automatic non- shrink- packaging solutions to bearings.

Door Magnetic Catcher

The Door Magnetic Catcher packing is done by precisely modeled Door Magnetic Catcher Packaging Machine. The superior internal machinery ensures extended performance and proper handling of magnetic door catcher. It ensures that the product is packaged moisture free that makes it safe for transportation.

Door Magnetic Stopper

The Door Magnetic Stoppers are heavy steel or metal products installed in doors. The packaging machine is designed in a sturdy format so as to handle the magnetic stopper packaging in a more productive manner. The packaging machine is designed from inputs by manufacturers of door magnetic stoppers.


VK Engineering is vastly focused on manufacturing the right packaging solutions for the hardware industry. We achieve perfection by working closely with the hardware product manufacturers in understanding their specific requirements. The high power lock packaging