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The mosquito coil packaging machinery supports all types of packaging like B.O.P.P, LD Polyester, Aluminum Foiled etc. in pillow packs. The machine serves medium - to high - production automated non- shrink- packaging solutions for the mosquito coils used widely in the FMCG industry. The sealed packaging performed by the machine helps retain its quality and properties. The Machine is fitted with electronic motion control and an ergonomic design that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier.

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  • Conveyor length with Auto Feeder 2 meters
  • Speed 120 to 400 packets per minute
  • paper thickness minimum 25 microns
  • Packing Material All Type of laminated (B.O.P.P, LD Polyester, Aluminum Foiled etc.,)
  • Packing Size Length: 70mm to 300mm,Width: 30mm to 180mm,Height: 10 mm to 100mm
  • Servo Motor model v-60, Rating 4 NM, 1hp, 2000 rpm Speed with break

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