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The chickies are packaged in tight seal that enhances the shelf life of the product and keeps them fresh for a very long time. These Peanut Chikkis Packaging Machine is variant of flow pack machine and is equipped with all the features of the mother machine. The versatile machine is suitable for packing of appams, rusks, biscuits, bun, chocolate bars, stick ice cream bars, cakes, groundnut chikkis, cotton & bandage roles, scrub pads and noodles.

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  • Cantilever construction that provides for easy cleaning and maintenance, with easy access to mechanical and electrical components
  • Left to right operating direction
  • Rotary cross sealing jaws with an electronic overload safety switch
  • Self-centering film reel holder with a operated brake system
  • In feed conveyor 2000mm long
  • Adjustable film folding box

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